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Particles Here and Beyond the Mirror

Dmitri Rabounski and Larissa Borissova


This is a research on all kinds of particles, which could be conceivable in the space-time of General Relativity. In addition to mass-bearing particles and light-like particles, zero-particles are predicted: such particles can exist in a fully degenerate space-time region (zero-space). Zero-particles seem as standing light waves, which travel in an instant (non-quantum teleportation of photons); they might be observed in a further development of the "stopped light experiment" which was first conducted in 2000, at Harvard, USA. The theoretical existence of two separate regions in the space-time is also shown, where the observable time flows into the future and into the past (our world and the mirror world). These regions are separated by a space-time membrane wherein the observable time stops. A few other certain problems are considered. It is shown, through Killing's equations, that geodesic motion of particles is a result of stationary geodesic rotation of the space which hosts them. Concerning the theory of gravitational wave detectors, it is shown that both free-mass detectors and solid-body detectors may register a gravitational wave only if such a detector bears an oscillation of the butt-ends.

ISBN: 978-1-59973-264-0
Edition: 3rd edition, expanded by new chapters
Publisher: American Research Press, Rehoboth (NM), USA
Year: 2012
Pages: 145 pages
Language: English
Download: 1.1 Mb PDF
Full ref: Rabounski D. and Borissova L. Particles Here and Beyond the Mirror. 3rd expanded edition, American Research Press, Rehoboth (NM), 2012, 145 pages

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