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Fields, Vacuum, and the Mirror Universe

Larissa Borissova and Dmitri Rabounski


In this book, we build the theory of non-geodesic motion of particles in the space-time of General Relativity. Motion of a charged particle in an electromagnetic field is constructed in curved space-time (in contrast to the regular considerations held in Minkowski's space of Special Relativity). Spin-particles are explained in the framework of the variational principle: this approach distinctly shows that elementary particles should have masses governed by a special quantum relation. Physical vacuum and forces of non-Newtonian gravitation acting in it are determined through the lambda-term in Einstein's equations. A cosmological concept of the inversion explosion of the Universe from a compact object with the radius of an electron is suggested. Physical conditions inside a membrane that separates space-time regions where the observable time flows into the future and into the past (our world and the mirror world) are examined.

ISBN: 978-91-85917-09-9
Edition: 2nd edition
Publisher: Svenska fysikarkivet, Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2009
Pages: 260 pages
Language: English, abstract in Swedish
Download: 2.0 Mb PDF (updated with errata on Sept. 12, 2010)
Full ref: Rabounski D. and Borissova L. Fields, Vacuum, and the Mirror Universe. 2nd edition, Svenska fysikarkivet, Stockholm, 2009, 260 pages

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