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A Revised Electromagnetic Theory with Fundamental Applications

Bo Lehnert


There are important areas within which the conventional electromagnetic theory of Maxwell's equations and its combination with quantum mechanics does not provide fully adequate descriptions of physical reality. As earlier pointed out by Feynman, these difficulties are not removed by and are not directly associated with quantum mechanics. Instead the analysis has to become modified in the form of revised quantum electrodynamics, for instance as described in this book by a Lorentz and gauge invariant theory. The latter is based on a nonzero electric charge density and electric field divergence in the vacuum state, as supported by the quantum mechanical vacuum fluctuations of the zero-point energy. This theory leads to new solutions of a number of fundamental problems, with their applications to leptons and photon physics. They include a model of the electron with its point-charge-like nature, the associated self-energy, the radial force balance in presence of its self-charge, and the quantized minimum value of the free elementary charge. Further there are applications on the individual photon and on light beams, in respect to the angular momentum, the spatially limited geometry with an associated needle-like radiation, and the wave-particle nature in the photoelectric effect and in two-slit experiments.

ISBN: 978-91-85917-00-6
Publisher: Svenska fysikarkivet, Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 2008
Pages: 158 pages
Language: English, abstract in Swedish
Download: 3.5 Mb PDF
Full ref: Lehnert B. A Revised Electromagnetic Theory with Fundamental Applications. Svenska fysikarkivet, Stockholm, 2008, 158 pages

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